Wtf Facts About Everything You Did Not Know

wtf facts

WTF facts are all around us, for sure. A curious individual knows that things get odd the more they are studied. It’s still a good idea to know everything you can about the strangest and most disgusting things our world has to offer.

WTF Facts

Wtf Facts

Most likely, you only breathe through one nostril when you’re awake.

One nostril breathing is the norm for about 85 percent of people. And if you’re only breathing through your nose, your autonomic nervous system will switch nostrils numerous times a day if you’re just breathing through your nose. That’s not all. Your nose can affect everything from blood glucose and oxygen production to which side of your brain is most active.

Almost all mammals pee at the same rate.

Elephants, animals, and even children take about 21 seconds to urinate on average. Researchers believe this is due to the urethra’s “flow-enhancing device” design. While an elephant has a larger bladder, it also has a longer urethra to go along with it. Rats.

Mites live on human faces, and you probably have some on yours right now.

Your face is home to a variety of microorganisms. In the BBC’s words, Demodex is microscopic follicular mites that live in human hair follicles and eyelashes. There is nothing harmful about Demodex. They’re tiny, eight-legged, worm-like creatures. But there are certain things you should know about them that will make you quake in your boots. They indeed lay their eggs in your pores. As far as we know, they don’t poop. Your skin absorbs the excrement that they store in their bodies before they die.

More WTF Facts

Wtf Facts

In 1939, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Yes, it’s the same Hitler as before. World War II began the same year that Adolf Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. He was nominated by a member of the Swedish parliament, who intended it as a satirical response to Neville Chamberlain’s nomination as British Prime Minister. His satire, on the other hand, was not well-received. Unfortunately, the nomination was withdrawn before the election. One of history’s most puzzling facts.

When frogs swallow, they use their eyeballs.

Mother Nature provides us with a lot of WTF information. There is more to it than just blinking when you see a frog close its eyes after it’s eaten. It turns out that when they’re eating, frogs close up their eyelids to drive food down their esophagus.

A WTF Scenario

Objectifying gaze refers to the intention and power of the character in the movie scene. From the leading cast to minority individuals in the movie, every female is paid more to show more skin. They are characterized to portray the ideal woman whose duty is to satisfy the man, no matter what. Though the movies are constantly trying to display the strong character of supporting females, it fails to bring it in the spotlight. 


You’ll be surprised or disturbed by these WTF facts, which cover everything from history to the weirdest world records to things you probably didn’t know but will never forget.

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