Unveiling the Amazing Facts About Tiger

amazing facts about tiger

Tigers are awesomely beautiful. They are also quite aggressive. So, you should not be surprised to learn that a tiger can attack another male only if the latter shows his teeth. Further, a tiger is known to kill other big cats by snapping its jaws! Now this is one of the amazing facts about the tiger.

The Tiger is known to inhabit vast territories. Hence, it is the fourth largest predator on earth. A tiger can easily destroy a man and his properties. Apart from being dangerous, a hungry tiger can also be an aggressive and vicious carnivore. So, this is another interesting fact about tiger reserves that you should definitely know.

An Overview

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A tiger is also known to have amazing intelligence. It is said that the tiger has the ability to learn in a single day. You might be amazed to know that a hungry tiger can recognize the sound of two human voices and use it to hunt down prey. Apart from this, tiger uses its great sense of smell to track down its prey.

A few decades back, a tiger was labeled as the most dangerous animal. This was probably due to the fact that it had been severely injured at a game reserve. But, later on, it was declared as a vulnerable creature and was given protection. As a result, the tiger population grew and it is now protected. The amazing fact about tiger is that it was able to survive such threats. Therefore, it is predicted that the beautiful animal will once again flourish in our midst.

Amazing Facts About Tigers

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Another amazing fact about tiger is that it prefers arboreal prey over aquatic ones. It loves to hunt trees and birds. Therefore, you can say that this magnificent creature has been selective towards what it eats. This is indeed very helpful for us because we do not need to worry about our tiger becoming extinct because it prefers eating trees rather than birds.

Tiger is also called as the King of beasts because it is capable of killing another big and strong animal such as a horse. This amazing fact was first spotted by Charles Darwin when he was on a safari in South America. He saw a group of giant Incas who were using their tamed cats as a hunting tool. And, he realized that this incredible creature was more powerful than any other wild cat.

You may also be interested to know about another amazing fact about tiger. This amazing fact has to do with their unique behavior. Just like other wild animals, they have unique mating techniques. They usually mate in the night after eating their prey.

Therefore, it is suggested that you observe a pair of tiger cubs playing. This is a perfect time for you to observe them closely. And, you will surely find something new about them. Moreover, there are many interesting facts about the tiger which you need to know. So, take advantage of these amazing facts about the tiger and have a great time.

As what the experts say, the most amazing fact about them is their amazing strength. You can check this out on how they are able to catch a wild snake in just one leap. It seems impossible but these animals are really strong. They are capable of lifting an average weight of 200 pounds when they are fully grown. They are even capable of catching small animals like birds and fish.

In The End

Last but not least, the most amazing fact about these animals is their incredible sense of taste. They can recognize a sweet fruit far before other types of animals can. This is the reason why many people often think that they are really sweet tasting. It is said that they only like tropical fruits. In fact, they are actually omnivorous.

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