Top 3 Fun Facts About Carbon You Should Share With Your Mates

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Undoubtedly, everyone has studied the periodic table, and carbon is one of the essential elements of this table. Believe it or not, there are alternatives to other chemicals, but nothing can take the place of carbon. Carbon is available in numerous forms, sometimes black or white; it can be quite soft and sometimes hard. 

Surprisingly, you don’t know that carbon is the backbone of our mother earth, but it can also become the reason for ending our lives. Have you ever wondered how coal and diamond are both formed with the same chemical?

Today, we’ll mention some fun facts about carbon that probably nobody knows about. Let’s get started. 

The Availability Of Carbon Is More Than Other Elements On This Planet

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If you have studied periodic table or research on the internet, you’ll find carbon is the neighbor of nitrogen and boron. The atomic number and sign of the carbon element are six and C, respectively. The carbon element comprises six electrons, six protons, and six neutrons. 

As per various reports, like oxygen, hydrogen, and helium, carbon is one of the most abundant elements on this planet. Hydrogen and helium are the cousins of carbon that formed during nuclear explosions. 

On the contrary, carbon is an outcome of the alpha particles buildup that occurred during the supernova explosions. In simpler words, the supernova nucleosynthesis process gave birth to this amazing element. 

Like other rare elements, there will be NO scarcity of carbon element even in the upcoming century. 

Coal Was Named Before Carbon Element

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Undoubtedly, humans consider the carbon and coal elements are almost because the number of neutrons and electrons are almost the same. But, this is just a myth; coal and carbon are two different elements with some similarities. Surprisingly, carbon was considered as coal back in the 17th century, but Antoine Lavoisier categorized both these elements differently. 

He used a chemical instrument comprising of different lenses and a solar furnace and burnt a diamond. After burning the diamond, he recognized the final residues wholly consist of pure carbon. He further studied this, and later the final statements related to carbon element were published in 1789. 

Your Body Also Comprises Carbon

As per various reports, carbon is available in countless forms, and many are yet to be discovered. Believe it or not, the fats and sugars you are consuming do have some amount of carbon. Carbon is one such element that forms chains and rings with most substances; this formation process is called call catenation. 

All the living things present on this planet consist of carbon and other elements like hydrogen and oxygen. In simpler words, all the living substances are the products of call catenation.

The bulky and minerals are also formed when carbon forms chains and rings with oxygen and other elements. 

Final Words

These are some fun facts about carbon that aren’t even mentioned in the books and magazines. So carbon is not only one of the important elements in the periodic table, but only in the day-to-day lives. 

If you want to share some more facts about carbon, drop them in our comment section!

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