Three Fun Facts About Neon Signs

fun fact about neon

One of the sweetest and most enjoyable facts about Neon. It’s a known fact that those who have been around in the business for long periods of time would also be very familiar with this brand. For one thing, it is one of the few companies that have been making sweets and other desserts since the start of time. Some may not even know that this brand has been in the business since the very beginning.

Recognize The Company

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The funny thing about this brand is that many people who grew up with it will not even recognize the company anymore. Well, it’s not like the company has faded out of the scene entirely. It hasn’t. In fact, it continues to stay pretty much the same as it was decades back. Here are some of the fun facts about neon pigments that you might want to learn before you go out and buy yourself a batch or two of these really good looking cookies and fried chicken.

If you are fond of candies and all things sweet, then this is the perfect company to shop with. They produce candies and cookies that are really good. Some might say that their best seller is their cinnamon twists, but that might just be because they are a really good sweet treat. If you want something that is not so sweet, but still taste really good, then go for their savory Crumble Cake with biscuits.

Romie’s Restaurant


Most people probably remember the great Romie’s Restaurant from Queens. The place is known not only for its great food, but also for their absolutely delicious and mouth-watering specialty drinks. When it comes to the pizza and fried cheese, though, you will not miss anything from the Romie’s menu. Since the place also serves burgers, hotdogs, and French fries, you should have no problem sticking to their food selection.

The Greektown restaurant is also known for its pizza and great pasta. It would not be an exaggeration if we say that they serve authentic Greek food in a modern twist. Their spinach and feta salad is definitely one of a kind and the fresh vegetables that they use are really good. In terms of pasta, you will have a hard time choosing what to take home with you from here on out. But if you want to stick to the traditional side dishes, then go for the linguine, tarragon, or even linguine with mushrooms.

The Cheesecake Factory

The last restaurant on our list for our fun fact about neon signs is The Cheesecake Factory. This place is not only known for their fun advertisements like “the world’s greatest chef”, but they also serve some seriously tasty treats. Of course, anyone who tries their famous strawberry shortcake will never get their money back, but at least you will be assured of a fabulous dessert. The place also serves some of the freshest and tastiest pizza, seafood, and fried chicken you will ever find. If you do not care for their pizzas, you can always opt for some of their other entrees like their beef Wellington or their pumpkin pie.

Summing Up

These three establishments are just some of the few in the city that boast of the great neon signs. In terms of fun fact about neon signs, you should also visit the Miami Neon Club or the Grand Hyatt Miami. This club features 30 high-intensity LED lights that look like neon bars. There is even a dancing floor inside! The Grand Hyatt also offers some of the most interesting neon club packages in the city, which includes discounts for different combinations of drinks and clubs admission.

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