Strange But True Fact Books – What You Need To Know Before Buying Them

weird but true fact books

There is something about fact books that makes you want to read them repeatedly. Books, by their very nature, are boring and dull. However, you will be surprised to know that not all books are made in this way. Many of the most famous authors, including some of the world’s best-selling authors, wrote their books first. You may not have read their books, but I bet you recognize the authors.

Some Quick Weird Facts About The Weird AI Catalog

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As weird as it sounds, this author’s first book took him a year and a half to write. However, he managed to keep it under his hat, so to speak, and only released it when it was finished. The book’s title is ‘The Weird Al Catalog,’ and it is quite a fun read. Some of the weird facts that are found inside are as follows:

Icebergs formed because of ice on top of the ocean. Ancient people believed that the earth went around a year around. Ancient Egyptians used the theory of centrifugal force to explain why an apple doesn’t fall off a table while it does fall off a brick wall. This is a fact that was used to explain how earthquakes occur.

These are just some of the weird but facts that you will find inside this fantastic book. I was surprised at the sheer fact that such bizarre ideas managed to be accepted as factual for over a century. Many of the quotes used in this book are taken from common saying’s that are known all around. I, for one, am very glad that the world no longer believes in many of the outrageous myths that are believed to exist today.

You’ll Also Learn The Big Bang Theory

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There are many other weird but true fact books out there as well. Some of these are about the origin of life on the planet, including the big bang theory. There are also many books out there that teach you about the origins of religion and other belief systems that have been around for centuries.

Grab The Books That Provides Genuine Information

Of course, some choose to attack religion or belief systems, often with dishonest tactics that can damage others. If you are open-minded, you should be able to learn something new from almost every book you read. The trick is finding out which books provide the most accurate information – by doing this, you will be able to discern which authors have created the most insightful work.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest myths about these fact books is that they are full of lies and false information. There are very few books out there that will have some kind of lies in them, instead, the writers make their books very informative, and you will find very little that is untrue in most of the books out there. Some authors will write a few short stories that seem like nothing more than a sales pitch for their book(s). They will then include these stories to convince people of some kind of the point. False information is never the primary goal of these authors; they will simply attempt to prove a point through fiction.

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