Some Weird fun fact biology

weird fun fact biology

If you are a student and are someone who loves to know about the various things that have been going on all around the world then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about the various fun facts that are associated with biology. Like you know biology is a subject that studies life and being a part of this huge community you need to know about the various aspects that are provided by our body and other living things. If you’re interested then stick with us to know about the fun facts and enjoy the time here.

Fun facts biology

  • Did you know that the two lunge left and right are of different sizes? The left side of the lung is divided into two lobes whereas the right side is divided into three lobes. When it comes to the different sizes then the left side of the lung is smaller than compared to the right one. As the left lung gives more space to the heart.
  • Your nose and ears continue to grow all your life. There is no stopping of growing of your nose and ears, then compared to the other parts of your body. Wow! Fascinating isn’t it.
  • If you think that you liked or tasted something then that’s not the case. More than 80 percent of what we perceive as taste is the smell of the dish. Then why do we think it is taste? It is the flavor, as the flavor is the combination of both the taste and also the smell.
  • Blushing is a side effect of all the adrenaline that is rushed into our cheekbones. It is not a feeling of euphoria. Even when we see something terrible, we might tend to blush if the adrenaline is rushed into our cheekbones. Eerie to know about this fact.
  • More than one-quarter of the bones that are present in our body are present at the feet making this part the boniest region in our body. Amazing, isn’t it?


a microscope

In this article, we have discussed the various new development technology that has been taking place in the field of biology. There are much more facts that are weird and fun equally in our bodies that we are not aware of. There are alot of people who are still searching for the new facts. Also, every biological fact is quite interesting as it is related to our body and we enjoy a lot by trying it. Even many people are not aware about these facts and it can be you but after this article we hope that now you must know about some fun biological facts. Happy reading!

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