Some Weird Fact Bouquet Toss

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Weddings sure are an occasion of joy and fun. It’s one of the most precious moments of one’s life. In weddings, bouquet toss is seen as the sign of good luck for a single woman but do you know what’s the reason behind it? If not then here you will find some interesting and weird facts related to the bouquet toss. From origin to the nicest time for the bouquet toss, there’s plenty you can learn about this age-old tradition. 

How Did The Tradition Of Wedding Toss Start?

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This tradition dates back to hundreds of years ago when in England people believed that keeping a piece of bride’s clothing is a Goodluck charm. This may sound unrealistic but they used to chase the bride and tore her dress to get bits of her dress. At that time, brides came up with a trick to preoccupy them. Brides decided to throw their bouquets to guests. This act of distraction turned into the present tradition of the bouquet toss and it still felt like good luck. Nowadays, at weddings, the bride and groom want to bestow luck to all of their guests and that’s why they adopt new ways and ideas. 

Best Time For The Bouquet Toss In Weddings

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The most common practice is that the second half of the reception or after the dance is the right time for the bouquet toss. Some brides prefer to do it after the cake cutting. However, that is not true as there is no specified time for it. Bouquet toss can be done at any time. It is in sync with the music and can last till a song. There are many songs that you can find that are specially made for this particular occasion. 

How Many People Can Join In A Wedding Toss?

There’s no exact number decided for the wedding toss and everyone is free to join in. No matter if you are married or unmarried, you can still participate. It must be noticed that it’s not an obligatory task either. In fact, at current weddings, people are more open. They stick to giving flowers and chocolates to each guest. Nowadays, the tradition has evolved in a more creative and better way. 


Today, whenever there is a wedding the wedding toss is done too. A Group of single women gathers behind the bride while the bride tossed her bouquet to them. In the end, the one who catches the bouquet is considered lucky and will be next to marry. If you don’t know why and how the tradition of wedding toss started then here you can find out. Its origin is quite strange. You can read about many other interesting facts and tips related to this tradition that has been passed down for generations.

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