Some Weird Fact About Cats You Should Know

weird fact about cats

Cats are enigmas that have captivated people’s minds for millennia. They’ve become very famous pets due to their enigmatic personalities and cute appearance. With so many cats in our midst, surely everybody knows everything there is to know about them? No, that is incorrect. From the world’s biggest cat to the surprising way cats move, there are many fascinating things about cats that you probably didn’t know about.

Here Are A Few Weird Fact About Cats That We’ve Discovered:

1. Their Paws Sweat

A cat that is lying down

Cats have a small number of sweat glands on their bodies since they are coated in hair. The majority of them are on their paw pads, which is why you’ll sometimes see little wet paw prints on tile or linoleum when your furry friend steps on it during the summer: Your cat’s paws are sweating. They even pant and lick their fur to keep themselves cool.

2. Cats Are Like Umbrellas

A cat that is looking at the camera

Ogres are similar to onions in that respect: They’ve got something in common. When cats fall, they tuck themselves into an umbrella form, allowing them to land on their feet every time. The cat’s righting reflex is what it’s known as.

3. They Have The Ability To Consume Seawater

While humans should never, ever drink Seawater if abandoned on a deserted island, cats do not. Their kidneys are so effective that they can filter salt out of the water, allowing them to stay hydrated even though all they have to drink is the vast ocean.

4. They Are Self-sufficient When It Comes To Hairballs

If your cat is an outside cat, there is no need to give them some fancy anti-hairball treats. What’s the secret to their success? Cats consume the grass. They always vomit after eating grass because they lack the enzyme needed to digest it, but you know what vomiting does? It flushes out everything indigestible, like hairballs that may have accumulated in their digestive tract. Cats are truly self-contained creatures.

5. Clowder Refers To A Group Of Cats

To me, it sounds like a cross between a clown and a bowl of chowder, but hey, cats, do what makes you happy. “Clowder” is a potential variation of the term “clutter,” according to Merriam Webster.

6. Purring Serves More Than One Purpose

It’s not just something happy cats do. They can do it when they’re stressed, and it’s likely a sort of self-healing (which you might already know if you’ve read Oryx and Crake, but I think it’s cool). The purring frequency of domestic cats ranges from 25 to 150 Hertz.

7. For A Cat, Nose Prints Are The Same As Fingerprints

The nose print of each cat is as distinct as a person’s fingerprints. Just in case your cat is found attempting to snatch the tuna sandwich you planned to eat for lunch and is charged with burglary.

8. They May Have Either Right Or Left Paws

Cats have a dominant paw, and which one is likely to be determined by the gender of your cat: Male cats have left paws, while female cats have right paws, according to research published in 2009.


So, these are some weird facts about cat.if you know some new facts, do let us know in the comment section below.

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