Some Of The Taboo History Facts

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Historical taboo facts have been a part of human history since the beginning of time. People who read these ancient books had to pass through a series of tests to prevent them from spreading a specific “vice” or “us,” This is how people learned about things that generally shouldn’t have been brought up in polite conversation. If you’re interested in learning more about these ancient taboo stories, here are five of the most fascinating:

Various facts are either considered or straight out weird. Here are some of the taboo history facts

King David Temple

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Another well-known example is the burning of King David Temple by the Theite mob in 100 AD. Temple was a high religious figure, which was seen as an act of disloyalty to the crown. They burnt down the temple and killed many of its followers; This resulted in the rise of the First Church of Rome, which many people today associate with the practice of killing Christians. In addition to that, though, this is also the first instance when a king was beheaded for his crimes.

There’s one story that has been told many times about Cleopatra and Marc Antony. In the story, Cleopatra has had many lovers over the years, and she would seduce her lover, put him to sleep, then get an army of marks to kill him on her own. Marc Antony supposedly used the same strategy. However, there’s no proof that either of them did anything like that. The only thing that matters here is that both of their fates greatly influenced the formation of Rome.

King Herod Story

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Next, there’s the story of King Herod, who was killed at the hands of rebellious sons of King Herod. His killers were punished for their crimes, but many of the people who ordered the killing were punished themselves. After the deaths of both kings, the people who ordered the murder felt deeply guilty for what they’d done. It was even rumored that they were punished by being roasted alive.

The third most popular taboo of all time was the stoning to death of a man for a crime he’d committed. While it’s true that a young girl, Queen Diadora of ancient Roman Italy, was beheaded for adultery, this was the very first time such a crime had been perpetrated in the Mediterranean world. It took place in the Middle East, has led to many people believing it was the first occurrence of capital punishment. The first capital punishment was carried out in Africa, where people were beheaded with snakes for theft or murder.

The Blot of Shame

The fourth and final taboo from the list is one that’s still being practiced today. This one is called “the blot of shame.” It’s not a punishment in the traditional sense of the word, but more like a social imperative. Penalties have included things like being publicly humiliated. Blot blots are also known as “badge tattoos,” so the punishment isn’t the same at all?

One example of how the sexes were not separated during the time of slavery. Women and men both lived and died together in those days. It is unclear when or if they had intercourse between themselves. It appears to be a historical fact that men did have intercourse with their male slaves. It also seems that the slaveholder’s sexual desire for his female slave was so strong that he was very willing to risk his life to keep her.

Throughout history, there are many other examples of sexual relations between people of the same sex and people of the opposite sex. There are stories throughout the Bible about couples who married a person of the opposite gender.

Ancient Greece Time

In addition, during ancient times, ancient Greece and Rome, both men and women immigrated to different countries and had children. Because these parents wanted to ensure their children would remain pure, they abducted boys or girls from the towns and farms and brought them into the city.

This was done to ensure that the children were removed from sexual influences. Although this method of child recruitment was accepted for several generations, it is still considered taboo in our day. However, in the past few decades, certain countries such as China, India, and Russia have begun to recognize same-sex relationships legally, primarily due to public pressure.

The Victorian Era

During the Victorian era, sodomy was widely practiced among people who were either homosexual or had an inherent sexual orientation towards members of the same sex. However, they were not accepted socially and sometimes faced physical abuse. Homosexuality was seen as sexually deviant behavior, and people who engaged in it faced severe discrimination in their employment or their right to enter into public places.

Romans used to have a standard public toilet with a common brush for everyone.

The people in the ancient city of Pompeii were very much open about sex and brothels. There were various brothels in the city, and there were multiple symbols drawn to the town that improvised that the town didn’t have any stigma bout sex.


There is a lot of information surrounding many of these events in history. It is fascinating to read and probably more interesting if you can imagine what the person suffering through the punishment would have gone through. The point is more than just learning about how these things happened, though. It’s important to know why they occurred. There is no reason to think these things happen today because we never had to face them.

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