Some of the best Trivia Questions for Family

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Trivia questions are those which are raised as a matter of fun-filled factor or amusing and no part of seriousness lies with this. Asking trivia questions with your friends and family members as part of joyful gaming will be more exciting and funny. You can have this as a game to make your reunion parties and functions more awesome and interesting. Or just have as part of your conversations with people so that you make some wonderful time with people around you. Especially when you are having family time, raising trivia questions will help you know more about your family members, and they get the chance of understanding you. These sorts of less serious and fun-filled questions will indulge every one of the groups to take part making the time most memorable. Let’s discuss some trivia questions for a family that seems to be more exciting and useful.

Trivia Questions for Family

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When you are spending your leisure time, lunch hour or a get-together party with your family, simple trivia questions will give you hands in keeping yourself and the surrounding more engaging and happy. Many questions based on many aspects can be put forward that would help you to strengthen your bond with your family.

Trivia Questions Relating to Growing Up

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Different people have different perspectives on growing up. Questions related to this will help you to understand how well every family member knows each other. Some sample questions are given below.

  1. What scares me more when I was a kid?
  2. Who was my favourite tutor when I was in Schooling?
  3. What was my favourite game I liked to play when I was young?
  4. What was my wish to become as I grew up while I was a kid?
  5. Which is the best and unforgettable memory of my childhood?
  6. What was my favourite pet?

Trivia Question Establishing Family Relationship

A strong family is built with a strong relationship. With family, it is important to bond with members as close to maintain your family close and sweet. In a family reunion, you can put forward the below trivia questions to your cousins or close ones of your family.

  1. Who’s character and behaviour match with me in our family?
  2. Who do I look like with our family?
  3. Who knows the most secret things of mine in our family?
  4. Who would I share my funny incidents with within our family?
  5. Who is the first person I would reach if I feel sad or worried?

Trivia Questions that are Funny enough to Raise

Raising funny questions will entertain the entire gathering and make them more joyful. It will relax all the members and keep them stress-free and happier. These sorts of questions are raised to make our family members laugh around and feel great family time. 

  1. How do I reply to my mom over the phone? 
  2. What is the strangest thing that I have gifted one of our family members?
  3. What is the food I’ve ever eaten and reacted so badly to?
  4. If I were the opposite gender, how would I act?
  5. What word do I hate the most?
  6. What is the weirdest message from me in our family group?


Thus asking how well do you know my question with our family members will be the most exciting game that would have a dual benefit. It would be a better gaming experience and also help everyone to understand each other in our family. This would show our bonding with our family.

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