Some Interesting And Fun Fact About Dogs

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Dogs are great. They can love us more than anyone else. They always give us company when we need it the most. Our dogs have always been our best friend. They are our family. So it’s very normal we will get fascinated by the facts about dogs and want to know more about them. We are always fascinated with our cute friends and want to discover every possible thing about them such as why their noses are wet, which is the tallest dog in the world etc. This article will discuss some fun facts about dogs.

Sense Of Smell 40x Better Than Ours

A dog sitting on top of a grass covered field

There are so many fun facts about dogs. The brain has some area of cells that detects various types of smells which is almost 40 times larger in dogs’ weather than in humans. It indicates that a dog can pick up many more small ones than we ever could. That is why dogs are often used to find out people,  different drugs and money also. In fact, hounds were awarded PDSA medals for their noses and for their bravery. There is a dog named, Dickin Medal, who got awarded because of his service in Iraq, saves the lives of many citizens. 

Sniff Medical Problems

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There are so many fun facts about dogs. Some dogs can detect medical problems because they have a great sense of smell. There are many owners who train their dogs to sniff out medical problems. They go through a particular diagnosis so that they can alert their owners when they need medication. A dog named Pal got awarded with PDSA order of merit. Pal played a large role in her owner’s life indicating to her the changes in her blood sugar.

Very Good Swimmer

There are so many fun facts about dogs. Not all the dogs but there are some who can be pretty good swimmers. Newfoundlands are so good as a swimmer that they have used to rescue dogs in the water. In 2016 a dog named Whizz was awarded the PDSA because he saved nine people and risked his life from drowning in the water. 

Very Fast, Even Beats A Cheetah

Most dogs can easily run faster than humans. One of the fastest dogs by far is Greyhound. These types of hounds can reach a top speed of 45mph within a few seconds of starting to run. There are some dogs that can beat a cheetah also.A cheetah can get up to almost 70mph and they can only keep this going for 30 seconds but not more than that. Greyhounds could easily run 35 mph for seven miles. These are some fun facts about dogs.

Bottom Lines

We all know dogs are the most faithful animal we can ever have. Though not everyone has a dog as their pet everybody loves it more or less. They give us unconditional love and they are the best company. They also protect us from our danger so it’s very beneficial to have a dog as your pet. Here are some fun fact about dogs, hope you enjoy reading the article.

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