Some Amazing Facts About Cheetahs

amazing facts about cheetahs

Among the most amazing facts about cheetahs is their incredible longevity. They are one of the oldest known animals. They have been in existence for so many years because they reproduce very slowly and gracefully. The fact that they live for a surprisingly long time speaks to the adaptability and strength of these wild animals. This article will give you some of the amazing facts about cheetahs you may not have known before.

One of the most interesting facts about cheetahs is that they are not like other domestic animals. Wild animals in the African continent have lived for centuries, but all that has changed with the domestication of animals such as cattle and sheep. Domesticated animals are not as well adapted to living in the wild. Like domestic animals, they have lost most of their natural instincts. In fact, you can compare today’s domestic animals with what would be considered prehistoric animals.

Amazing Facts About Cheetahs


Another amazing fact about cheetahs is that they actually do not mate for life. It is believed that male cheetahs only mate a single time during their lives. This means that in order to have a litter, a cheetah must mate for one year. The reason that cheetahs only mate a single time is that their sperm and eggs are made up of different components. Male cheetahs only fertilize their eggs with female cheetah sperm, and that is the end of the story.

Of course, we cannot forget to mention the amazing characteristics of these animals. One of the more interesting facts about cheetahs is that, unlike other big cats, cheetahs have very slender legs. Their body weight accounts for less than twenty percent of their total weight. That is why they are rarely seen with other large animals.

Interesting Facts

Additionally, another interesting fact about cheetahs is that giraffes do not drink milk. Although giraffes do have a soft mouth, they will only consume juices from other plants and not milk. However, it is not clear why the lack of a need for milk has caused the giraffe’s coat to become much heavier than the other animals in its family.

One of the more interesting facts about cheetahs that have come along recently is that domestic animals currently eat nearly two hundred and fifty billion pounds of meat each year. Now, that seems like a lot of meat. However, domestic animals account for only four percent of the entire meat pie. In addition, cheetahs alone eat an astounding sixty-six percent of all the meat on the entire planet. This number was revealed in an article published by CNN.

Things To Consider

It may seem strange to think that cats kill off so much of the world’s wildlife every year, but it is also interesting facts about cheetahs that will surprise most people. A huge percentage of all killed domestic animals in the US are dogs. There are a few reasons for this, but it is mostly because of the dominance of the dog in society. Many people do not realize that dogs treat cats as superior beings, and so the cat becomes protected by law. Whereas, if a domestic animal were to attack a dog, it could be severely hurt or even killed.

Bottom Line

Finally, one of the more amazing facts about cheetahs is that they have very little impact on global warming. It should be noted that these animals are actually critically endangered in some parts of Africa, although this does not include the North American region. Nonetheless, even in these areas, they are threatened by encroaching human habitat destruction by watercraft. So, although it may surprise many people, cheetahs are very important parts of the world and play an important role in providing a variety of natural resources that are vital to the human race.

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