Master The Art Of Interesting Stuff With These 10 Tips

interesting stuff

I know. I’ve presented interesting stuff hundreds of times, from TEDx talks at universities around the world to keynote speeches for Fortune 100 companies and everything in between. That’s my sweet spot: interesting stuff.

And interesting stuff isn’t interesting because it’s interesting–it’s interesting because I know how to make it interesting! You can too, with these simple steps.

1) Decide That Your Topic is Interesting

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Interesting topics are interesting because they’ve been made interesting by people who understand that interesting things aren’t interesting simply because they’re interesting.

The people who lecture about interesting stuff understand that interesting topics can be made interesting because interesting things–even those that just seem, well, interesting–all have something in common: they’re all interesting to somebody .

And yet I still receive emails from people who want interesting presentations about interesting topics that they think are interesting.

Sometimes I reply to these emails. Sometimes I don’t. Most times, though, I delete them without reading past the first line because interesting topics are interesting only when the person presenting them makes them interesting–and hanging out in an inbox filled with messages from people who see interesting topics on interesting slides and think they’re interesting is the quickest way to lose sight of that.

2) Ask Yourself What You Want People To Remember About Your Presentation

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Remember, interesting stuff isn’t interesting because it’s interesting–it’s interesting because you know how to make it interesting! And so when deciding what your presentation will be interesting, go for interesting stuff that isn’t interesting because it’s interesting–stuff you know will be interesting to the audience.

And when deciding what in your interesting topic is interesting and what isn’t, don’t just rely on your instincts: look at the things people in your industry talk about and then go a step further, taking interesting stuff that’s interesting to them and making it interesting to you.

3) Explore Your Topic By Asking Questions

Getting interesting stuff out of your head is easy–it just pops up on its own, usually when you’re doing something interesting like driving interesting places or using the computer to write interesting emails about interesting topics.

But if you want interesting presentations, interesting topics for interesting talks, and interesting conversations about interesting stuff , make sure the interesting stuff you decide to include comes from asking interesting questions.

Final Words

If you’re giving a presentation on your company’s new software release, don’t just tell people what it does–ask them how they’d use it! Then take the interesting stories you hear and make them interesting to other people by putting them into your presentation, using interesting slides to turn them into an interesting story people who aren’t at the talk will want to listen in on.

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