Interesting Facts About Utah State University

interesting fact about utah

It’s time to start talking about interesting facts about Utah and the upcoming season. Who will be in the spotlight come football season? The state of Utah has many key contributors to the football program including but not limited to, current players, recent college graduates, and even coaches who never played a down of college or were only an assistant coach. Let’s take a quick look at who could make a difference this year and some potential candidates to make an impact this year.

Troy Smith

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One player who really stood out during the spring and fall practices was junior college transfer quarterback Troy Smith. As the starter for the Utes last year, Smith completed 3 passes for 20 yards and also ran for a score. He impressed many with his arm strength, athleticism, and decision making during the spring and into the fall. This shows that he has the necessary skills to succeed at the next level and compete at the college level in a big way.

Transfer running back Leighton Hubbard impressed the coaching staff and the fans in fall camp. He impressed the coaching staff with his speed and ability to catch the ball. When looking at some potential Utah running backs, it appears that two players who impressed last year in fall camp are likely back for another go. Both Tim Williams and Jamaal Williams seem to be solid options at the running back position in spring practice. With Williams likely moving on to the NFL, the only true way to get a look at him at the NFL Combine is to watch him at Utah State’s spring game.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall

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Perhaps the most interesting fact about Utah State football that people need to know is the fact that head coach Bronco Mendenhall is expecting to get another shot at being the head man after having served as the interim in the last two years. Mendenhall was hired by former athletic director Bill Conry and has done a terrific job of developing young talent. If he wants to be a head coach one day, he needs to prove to people that he can lead a team to victory. After all, his first stint was four years ago. Now is definitely the time to prove that the college football world is wrong.

Football Program

The school does have a football program. The women’s basketball program is also doing quite well. The track and field program has consistently performed well as well. Being part of such a respected program and excelling at each position should be the goal of anyone that is looking at the Utah State football program.

Another interesting fact about Utah State football that is important to know is that the school has won twenty-one games in a row. That is impressive to any coach and especially impressive when you consider how long it took for the team to achieve its success. The streak is not over yet, but it will most certainly come to an end one day. The Fighting Irish are on their way to another victory over Navy and should win the C Conference this year.

Last Words

There is a lot to like and admire about Utah State University. The Fighting Irish Football program is no exception. Make sure to check out all the interesting facts about Utah State sports later this week. I hope you have as much fun reading about them as I did writing them!

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