Interesting Facts About The State Of Missouri

interesting fact about missouri

There are a lot of interesting facts about Missouri that people should know before moving into the area. It will give them a good idea about Missouri and how it is related to their lives.

A very interesting fact about Missouri is that it shares a border with Kansas. When you travel from Kansas to Missouri, you will be able to see the bridges across the Missouri river that span the Kansas border. This is because the state of Kansas has a right-of-way over the Missouri river, and Missouri does not. Some of the largest bridges in the United States are located in Kansas due to this reason.


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Another interesting fact about Missouri is that there are more cowboys in North America than in any other state. You will find that there are several big stables in the northern part of the state near the western part of the state. The largest one of these is the Scottrade arena in St. Louis. Not only does it have a basketball court, it also has a stage for rodeo and polo.

The gateway arch in St. Louis is another one of the many interesting facts about Missouri. The arch was built over a bridge over the Mississippi River. It is known to be one of the largest suspension arches in the world. It is a favorite attraction for tourists. Tourists from around the country visit the site each year in order to check out the bridge.

Second Largest Wheat Producer

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A very interesting fact about Missouri is that it is the second largest wheat producer in the United States of America. There are two large cotton plantations located in the southern part of the state. One of them is located on the Ozark Trail and the other is located near the southern part of the Mississippi river. The largest cotton producer in the United States is Iowa.

The second most popular tree in the state of Missouri is the maple. This specific type of maple is also used in maple syrup which is made by the mills in the eastern part of the state. The reason for the popularity of this particular type of tree in the east coast states is that the leaves of the maple tree can be separated from the stem by hand using a cheese knife. This particular unique feature makes maple syrup one of the best selling products in the states of the united states of America. When you travel to the state of Kansas where the national flower is the blue star variety of lavender, you will notice the resemblance of the Kansas state tree with the maple.

The Flowering Dogwood

The third most popular and widely used tree in the state of Missouri are the flowering dogwood. This particular type of flowering dogwood is commonly referred to as the Missouri Dogwood. This particular type of tree is native to the states of Arkansas, Tennessee and North Carolina.

There are several varieties of the flowering dogwood, which have their respective colors and shades. The most common of these varieties is the Red Maple.

Final Words

The fourth most popular and commonly used tree in the state of Missouri are the black walnut. This particular variety is native to the state of Arkansas and south central parts of Tennessee and North Carolina. One interesting fact about the black walnut in Missouri is that it takes about seven years for this tree to produce seeds. This particular kind of tree grows in the southern part of the state where there are a cool climate and a rich soil that are full of nutrients. It is believed that the black walnut originated in the regions near the rivers of northeastern Louisiana.

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