Interesting Facts About Mercury- Know It All

interesting fact about mercury

We all know about the widespread elements known as Mercury which is mainly used in thermometers. It is very shiny and silvery to look at, and it is primarily interesting because of its liquid state. Mercury is also named quicksilver, and it is one of the most popular transition metals, which comes with an atomic number 80. This is a scarce element that you can find, but there are a lot of interesting facts that you can know about this element. So if you are feeling inquisitive, then you do not have to wait much longer because you are some of the interesting facts that you would want to know. 

Liquid At Standard Temperature

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Mercury is the only metal in the periodic table which will remain in a liquid state even at room temperature and pressure. It does not have to be pressurized from solid to liquid in standard conditions, and it also has very high surface tension. That is the reason why when you are putting it on any surface; it will form spherical beads. All the compounds of Mercury and known as highly toxic materials, and even in history, have high therapeutic effects.

The Symbol

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The modern-day symbol of the element mercury is Hg, and it comes from the name Hydrargyrum. This is a fascinating name because it has a Greek origin. The mean means water silver because hydro means water, and gyrum means silver. It will be interesting for you to know that Mercury is one of the rarest elements found in the earth’s crust. If you wanted to measure its rarity, then it accounts for 0.08 parts per million. Did you know that mercuric sulfide is one of the highest sources of vermilion, and recently e people find that there are toxic effects of using this powder? 

Use Of Mercury

Did you know that Mercury is not used on aircraft because it is easily compatible with aluminum metal? Most of the parts of any aircraft are aluminum, and it might cause a negative amalgamation. In addition, there can be a lot of oxidation which will cause the plane to break. It will be even more interesting to know that Mercury does not react with most of the acids, and they will separate even if you put Mercury inside an acid bottle. 

Heat Conduct Activity

Did you know that Mercury is a poor conductor of heat, even if it is a metal? Even when it is about electrical conduction, Mercury is quite a mild electrical conductor. The freezing point of this element is -38.8 degrees centigrade, and the boiling point is 350 degrees. 

Oxidation State

In general, Mercury will exhibit plus one or plus two oxidation states. But in some cases, the oxidation state can go up to plus 4. It is somewhat like a noble gas and creates very mild chemical bonds with other elements. It will not amalgamate with iron, and therefore iron is one of the best materials for making containers that will carry Mercury. 


Quite some interesting facts about the work you live, and it is used for making thermometers dental amalgams as well as fluorescent lamps. Some of it is also used to make liquid mirrors, and it is a lot of industrial use. Some of the Mercury compounds are also found in tattoo ink as well as contact lens solutions. 

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