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Curious to know a little more about Reddit? There’s no reason to worry, it’s actually a pretty cool website! In this article you will learn a little bit about Reddit, the website and how it can benefit you as an internet marketer. Enjoy!

What is Reddit? 

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Reddit is a social bookmarking website. It’s basically a community where people can create blogs, discussion groups and communities, and vote on content by exposing it to other members of the community. Content on Reddit has a major influence on the front pages of search engines, so it’s important to get involved and get good at using Reddit as part of your marketing toolkit.

How Did All Of This Start? 

Reddit was started by two guys, whose company offers services related to content syndication. Reddit has grown substantially since then, adding hundreds of new services, features and products every week. The site now has millions of users and each day there are millions of posts and conversations going on.

How did those two guys get the idea for creating a website that would ultimately grow into an “underground phenomenon”? That’s a great question! Well, they actually knew something that others don’t: website traffic IS growth! Their secret: they realized that if they could find a group of individuals who wanted to connect with others and discuss current events (specifically what’s happening in their area), they’d succeed. So, they built the community up over time, and today there are credits for just about any niche there is.

How Is The Reddit Site?

The site is relatively easy to navigate: down the left side, you can see your account history. Up the right side, you can click the “subscribe to RSS” button. Then click “protected content” and you’re set up to read the newest articles first. You can even customize your subscriptions to be catered to whatever you want.

Keratoi Ring

A cool feature on Reddits is called the “keratoi ring.” This is a special graphic that shows up when someone starts talking on their reddits! It shows the path that the user is currently taking and changes color as they progress. It’s a fun little addition that gives a little background on what person is talking about. It’s a great fact about reddits that you should definitely take note of!

As you may have guessed, reddits are everywhere! If you haven’t taken advantage of this wonderful service, you’re missing out! Get involved, use the tips and tricks listed above, and add some flair to your daily activities on the internet. reddits are free, quick and easy to use – why not give it a shot today? You never know – You might find yourself becoming addicted to reddits!

Reddit Was Developed By Volunteers

A cool fact about reddits is that it was created by volunteers. reddits was started by four college students who were working on their college projects unrelated to the internet. To keep things simple, they just wanted a place where they could add interesting messages and get a little attention for their efforts. They created reddits at first as a way to stay connected with each other – today it is much more than that.

Reddit Is 100% Free

It does not cost anything to get reddits onto your site. In fact, you can use free software to accomplish this. You will create a web address with your username – which can be whatever you want. You can add this to your website or anywhere you would like – on your footer, in the footer text of your email, or anywhere else. The point is that you get attention for free!

Everyone Are Using Reddit

One interesting fact about reddits is that almost everyone uses them – even those who do not surf the internet. A weird fact about reddits is that people are not aware that it exists. This is because nearly everyone uses web 2.0 properties or some kind of social media site for communication. Therefore, your message can be seen by anyone – even if they do not have reddits. That’s because nearly everyone has at least one account on any of the major social sites.

Final Thoughts

There are several other interesting facts about reddits that should interest you. For example, there is a section called /r/videos on most every web site that has a forum. You can ask questions, give information, and post links to videos that you have found. You can even make up your own questions and post them in this section. This is a great way to interact with your visitors – they can ask questions as well!

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