If Weird Body Facts Are So Bad Why Dont Statistics Show It

If weird body facts were truly so common, wouldn’t there be statistical evidence to show it? While this is an interesting question to consider, the truth of weird body facts still remains. They are common enough that they can be found all over the Internet and in books. One statistic to support weird body facts is that one out of every four people on the Internet is on weird body facts.

Weird Body Facts: Are They True?

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Many weird body facts are only weird because they sound strange to our ears, but in reality may be nothing more than variations of normal human behaviour. For example, it is a weird fact that an average person walks the equivalent of three times around the world in a lifetime. But this weird body fact has been debunked because it doesn’t factor in someone’s weight or height and, for example, it takes into account the amount of miles walked on each continent but not how much time was spent walking on each one (since people take different lengths of time to walk across each region).

Weird Body Facts: Coming Soon

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As weird body facts continue to make their rounds, more weird body facts will surely be added to the list. So what weird body fact is the weirdest weird body fact in your book? And remember that weird body facts don’t have to be weird to be weird. They can also be weird because they are true!

For more weird body facts, come back soon! Thanks for reading weird body facts!


In conclusion, weird body facts are weird because they’re weird and everybody knows it. It is weird that weird body facts exist at all, but weird body facts are real and you should believe weird body facts as much as your brain can handle right now. Even if weird body facts didn’t exist, weird body facts couldn’t not exist. And weird body facts are weird, weird body facts are weird.

Final Words

Thank you for reading weird body facts, weird body fact fans! Please share weird body facts with your weird friends. And don’t forget that weird people are the best kind of people. Weird out!

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