Happy Animal Facts That Will Make You Smile

Fun Fact About Animals

Animals have been of great help to humans ever since time immemorial. They have been our companions, work assistants, and some even became our best friends. There is no denying the amount of happiness that animals can give us.

They can cheer us up in the loneliest of our days. Once you gain their loyalty, it will be incomparable to anything you’ve known.

To brighten up your day, we have gathered fun facts about animals that will surely put a smile on your face.

Squirrels are responsible for planting thousands of new trees because of their forgetfulness.

A woman holding a cat

They are known to carry and hide the acorns that they have foraged for food. But in the process of hiding them, they sometimes forget where they placed them thus the growth of a new tree.

Cows also have their own best friends.

A herd of cattle standing on top of a grass covered field

According to a study cows paired with their best friends have lower heart rate and experiences lower levels of stress. See, even animals need to create deep connections.

Penguins propose to their partners with a pebble.

Isn’t that romantic? Our handsome penguins search for the smoothest pebble to give to their lifetime partner. If the female penguin accepts their offering, then it’s a sweet yes for them!

In Japan, Macaques use coins to buy snacks from vending machines.

Well, we now have our own version of Abu from Aladdin. These monkeys learned to steal coins to give themselves some refreshing snacks and drinks. Cool, right?

Rats are ticklish creatures.

Just like us they let out a laugh whenever they are tickled. It’s not likely for us to tickle a rat but it’s so cute to even imagine them laughing.

Dolphins also have pet names.

They use a unique whistle for every other dolphins that they meet. This means they call their fellow dolphins differently. Do they also call them love or babe? That would be nice.

There is a cat version for corgis.

They are called munchkin cats or dwarf cats. So if you are a cat lover who finds corgis cute, maybe it’s time to get your own munchkin cat now!

Sea otters help each other out while sleeping.

Did you know that sea otters usually sleep while they are floating on the sea. To prevent anyone from drifting away from their group, they hold their paws together. Isn’t it cute?

Inmates can be cat lovers

As part of their rehabilitation program, a Washington prison chooses several inmates to receive “death row” cats from a local shelter. Not only does this help the cats in their final years, but helps inmates learn how to be closer to animals.

Have a rabbit? Let it join a Sweden pet show!

In this European country, they have a unique type of pet show called the Kaninhoppning. In this contest, each rabbit participant has to jump through a series of obstacles. Not only is it a cute show to see but great for advanced pet lovers too!

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