Fun Facts for the day about Walt Disney

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Almost every child has grown up watching Disney movies and fantasizing about having their own fairytale. Our generation grew up watching Micki and Minnie mouse on our screens. While boys hoped to be chivalrous like Prince Charming, the girls grew up dreaming about having Cinderella’s determination and obviously you cannot forget the iconic blue dress. It was truly an epic love story and Walt Disney was the master behind these puppets and many more. As a token of love and appreciation here are a few facts about our childhood superstar. Caution: you will fall into a never ending loop of nostalgia by the end of this.

Wild Animals on Sets

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Walt Disney was so particular about his animation that he often kept wild animals on set   during the animation process just so that he could watch them and their behavior before actually heading onto designing. During the animation of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs he gave home to rabbits and skunks on set and kept a close watch while creating his own blueprint for the movie. During Bambi he had two fawns casually roaming around the set.

High School Dropout

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At the age of sixteen (16) Walt Disney dropped out of school in order to join the Red Cross Ambulance Corps. He hoped to do his part in World War 1 but did not meet the minimum required age merely by a year, that is, seventeen. He then forged his date of birth on his certificate and was later sent to France in 1918. He performed minor tasks like driving officials around and was discharged later in 1919. 


The Aristocats is a movie based on a true story of a Parisian family of cats. This Disney movie is only an adaptation of the true story and revolves around a female pet cat named, ‘Duchess’ and her three kittens, ‘Marie’, ‘Toulouse’, and ‘Berlioz’ after a series of events later Duchess falls in love with a feral cat named, ‘Thomas O’Malley’. Thomas befriends Duchess and later becomes a father figure to Duchesses kittens. Later on you see all of them residing in the humble dwelling of Madame Adelaide Bonfamille, the owner of Duchess and her kittens, who also plays the part of a wealthy, old woman that leaves all her possessions to her four cats. The Aristocats is such a highlighted movie as it was the first movie to come out of Disney productions that was filmed entirely after his death.


From Lion King and Mulan to Pinocchio and Dumbo our childhood could never be complete without the mention of these movies. Walt Disney gave us the best movies and memories but was always known as a man of great mystery, it was indeed true that he put his heart and soul into each one of his productions. It’s a hunky-dory ride down the memory lane but wasn’t it amazing to be able to relive your memories through this article? Maybe, you can finally plan a movie night now. Cheers to Walt Disney!

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