Fun Fact About Men Shocking Facts That Shock You

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Is it a fun fact about men that their wives are more likely to orgasm during intercourse when the man uses his penis? Or is it a fact about men that if they are able to reach orgasm then that means they will feel like having an orgasm each time they have sex with their partner? If you find that your answer is yes then you might want to consider this information that might surprise you. Here’s why you may not be enjoying sex as much as you should:

You are a healthier developer. Studies show that guys who are fully engaged in sex spend a lot more time in bed than guys who are fully disengaged. It would seem logical that guys who spend more time in bed are healthier developers. Think about it. If you spend more time in bed, and you are healthier developer then you probably won’t need any medications or supplements to make you feel better.

You spend time in bed because you are tired. Studies show that guys who are fully awake spend more time in bed than guys who are half awake. Guys who are fully awake tend to be more relaxed and physically fit and can enjoy sex more fully.

You have a bigger penis. Some people are turned off by the notion that a man has a small penis, but the truth is that there is nothing small about a penis. It is actually the same size as a golf ball, so you don’t have a “tiny” penis. In fact, it is the same size as a bowling ball. And you don’t need pills, creams or surgery to get a bigger penis.

You need a full body workout to remain in shape. The problem is that most men don’t spend time working out their entire body. Even though they may be exercising their legs regularly or working on the chest muscles on a daily basis, they usually ignore their bodies. Men who stay active and build up their core muscles find that their stamina, sexual functioning and energy levels go through the roof.

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Women are attracted to men based on looks alone. That’s a fact that many men don’t know. You’ve probably noticed that beautiful women have a distinct advantage over other women in a crowded bar or club. There is something about the way that they move and walk that men just find extremely attractive. And it’s not just their physical appearance – women who are physically attractive tend to be successful and confident in their personal and professional lives.

You fall in love easier with a guy who’s a little unpredictable. Men love women who can keep their cool. If you’re always getting angry or upset at your man, he will find you less attractive and your love life will suffer. A stable man will see the funny side of anything and will be willing to deal with problems rather than take advantage of them. A lot of the fun fact about men that we’ve talked about here falls under this category.

Men are just as capable of being all work, all play and all emotions as women. But most men aren’t aware of this fact. So, next time you get yourself in an argument with your man, remember this fun fact about men that we’ve talked about here. He’ll be glad that you remember!

Some women are naturally born with more confidence and are more in control of their own lives than others. While this doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not a man is attracted to them, it’s definitely on the list of fun facts about men. If you have issues managing your own feelings, it may be better for you to take some time and learn how to better control your emotions. Being in control and self-assured, can make you feel more attractive to men, which is why it’s on this list of fun fact about men.

One more fun fact about men is that they enjoy gossip and aren’t afraid to tell it to other people. It might not be a big deal to you if you’re the only one sharing it with your friend, but to a man, it can be quite a turn-on. Most women don’t like it when a man starts gushing about a woman they’re interested in. Instead of silently turning away, share in the news with them so they can see the light come on.

There are many more fun facts about men. Some of them may surprise you and make you think differently about the opposite sex. Whether you’re dating a man or you’re involved with a man, these facts about men are supposed to be enjoyable and helpful. If you think that there isn’t any truth to any of them, then at least you’ll have something to think about when you walk out of the shower.

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