Frog Facts Are So Much Fun To Learn

A green frog

The fun fact about the frog is that it loves water. In fact, it lives in and on the water all the time. Frogs don’t just live in lakes or ponds but in water anywhere there is a water source. This makes the frog a very versatile creature that can live both indoors and outdoors.

If we go back in our history, we would find that Frogs appeared in the latter part of the Carboniferous geological period. During this time, Earth was a continent and its climate was very much like todays. The only difference was that it had no oxygen in the air, which was the reason for the first death of many animals. Among the first animals to die would be the Amphibolcan (or more commonly known as Frog) just about two million years ago. There were no predators around at that time and frogs began to die in large numbers.

Frogs have long thin bodies with short, flexible legs. These legs are also used to climb and they can curl up when not in use. The scientific name for a frog is Squilla but most people call them a frog because of their tendency to wriggle their bodies while they are in motion. They also have no vocal cords, so they make sounds that are sort of like chirps or roars.

Fun Fact About Frog

A green frog

The scientific name Squilla comes from the Spanish word ‘smaragdus’ meaning “little man-eating frog”. This is the reason why a lot of children identify frogs as man-eaters. It is also the reason why a lot of scientists think that a frog might be the oldest animal on the planet. It might have lived some three billion years ago. There is even a type of frog called the ‘Old Man of the Sea’.

Frogs have small, sharp teeth that are used for eating. This is also the reason why they need to keep their legs firmly attached to their body and you can see this when they jump or scamper. The front part of their foot has a row of sharp teeth and this is also what you will find at the end of their first set of toes. A frog’s second toe will have a row of pointed teeth around it.

One fun fact about frogs is that their eyes have evolved into two separate organs. The first organ is a pinhole, which houses the eye, which can be found either behind the frog’s mouth or at the base of its tail. The other organ is a lens that can either be behind or right behind its eye. The eyes of a frog are very protective and they can only be damaged if there is too much pressure.

A Much Ado

A green vase filled with water

Another fun fact about frogs is that they have very little body fat. Their legs can move freely without any support. Even though the legs can move freely, the tail is held tightly by its muscles. The entire digestive system of a frog is basically composed of just one cavity which is located under the right eye and the right belly button.

There you have it, another fun fact about frogs. They don’t have any legs, but they do walk and chew with their prehensile feet. You might want to buy your kids some frog toys so that they can learn more about these fascinating creatures. Remember, if you ever wish to identify a frog, all you need to do is stick its nose into its mouth.

This is how you will know that it is a frog. And, if you want to learn more about frogs, you can go online and visit the numerous FrogFacts websites. Some of these sites have entire sections devoted to frog facts, characteristics, and behavior. Other sites simply have frog pictures and information. The former is easier to browse and is updated often, while the latter is updated rarely, but you might come across occasional facts which are a bit older.

Final Thoughts 

If you are still not convinced about the intelligence of these little creatures, just try asking a child if he or she can identify a frog. Or, better yet, try not to ask such a child the wrong question, like whether it is tadpoles, a frog, or a gecko. This will only confuse the kid and the discussion will become heated. Instead, ask the child to draw a frog on his or her own.

I am sure that you now understand why I say that frog facts are so much fun to learn. And, if you are into frogs, you should explore the internet for more fun facts about frogs. There is no need to be ashamed.

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