Exciting And Fun Fact About Ghana You Never Knew

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The Republic of Ghana is a small state, which is famous for its wealth and beauty. People are fascinated to know about exciting things about Ghana, about their culture, background, and want to know more about this country. The country Ghana is in West Africa and is also known as the gold coast. Ghana is a tourist destination as it has a vast market and forts which attract people. People specially visit lake volta, which is the largest artificial reservoir in the world. You can find everything in this country when you enter; you can see their culture in people’s behavior and type of buildings and monuments. However, things that look brighter from the outside have a dark reality, which Ghana is facing. Tourists think Ghana is a wealthy country, but kids here are illiterate, gender discrimination, and child trafficking are expected. Therefore, read out this article which has collected all the information about interesting and fun facts about Ghana you never knew from the internet.

Culture And Tradition; Fun Facts About Ghana

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Ghana is made from its people; people are friendly and love to socialize and welcome their guests. If you visit Ghana in the festive season, you may end up spending the best days of your life. Ghana is not much diversity in terms of religion; around 70% of the population of Ghana are Christian, and 20% are Muslim. Nowadays, young people wear western clothes like jeans and t-shirts, but you can see their rich culture from their clothes during the festive season. Ghanaians wear ‘kente’ which is their traditional handwoven clothes. Men wear long t-shirts over trousers and women wear traditional skirts and tops with a head wrap according to their tradition.

Folk Music And Dance; Fun Facts About Ghana

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Ghana is rich in cultural festivals, and the only way to celebrate their festivals is through dance and music. You can hear different music for different occasions like marriage, ceremonies, and funerals. The music shows their ancient culture by using drums, sticks, and claps to give beats. People dance to interact with their god and make them happy, so dancing and singing is their spiritual activity. People of Ghana love to play choral music in schools, concerts, and colleges to honor their god.

Food Of Ghana

In Ghana, you will find a mixture of every continent and country. Fufu is Ghana’s national dish, which people eat with soup and sauces. Yams is another famous snack of Gahan, which you can find on the streets of Ghana. Solo is a delicious tea, which is red, and it has a lot of health benefits.  


When you come to Ghana, you can experience the reality, how people live happily and enjoy expressing their culture. You will enjoy the delicious food which is not expensive and healthy to eat. Ghana is the second-largest exporter of cocoa beans which is an unknown fact, so it is the best decision to plan a trip to Ghana and learn from their culture and people.

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