Crazy Facts About China

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One of my favorite “crazy facts” about China is that the emperor used to ride a horse and pull it through the sand! The emperor did this so that when he went on land he would appear majestic to the people and they would follow him. It worked quite well for the emperors and the story was passed down from generation to generation.

Of course this is only one of many crazy and interesting “wild” stories about the Chinese. One of the most popular crazy facts about China is that the term “nia” actually means nose. The Chinese call a person with a “nia” a “nosey chin” or a “nose boy”. If you enjoyed spicy food, then you will love the term “nia” which is used to describe the shape of the nose. Chinese people enjoy eating spicy food so much that some of them sit down to a meal without taking the first bite, just so they can smell the deliciousness.

The Popular Beliefs

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Let’s not forget another crazy fact about China; the people with the shortest hair are known as the “hairless”, “stunted”, or “long-nosed” people. The Chinese believe that if you have a long face, then you are a “long-nosed”. They used to believe that lightning fetched fairies from the clouds and that the spirits of the dead live in the long hairs of these people. Legend has it that the souls of these dead Chinese are living inside the long hairs and if someone cut one of their long hairs they would lose their ability to see the future and the past. This superstition about the length of your hair is very popular among the Chinese and is used as an excuse for all kinds of bad behavior.

Five Finger Chop

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One of the most popular crazy facts is the “five-finger chop”. According to this myth, a five-finger chop is faster than a chopsticks. This method of cooking food is very well liked by the Chinese, and the reason that the five finger chop enjoys such a high acceptance rate among Chinese people is because it is extremely fast. The speed of this chop is thought to come from the sharp spines located in the back of the animal’s leg.

Eating Habits

In addition to the crazy facts about food, the Chinese enjoy eating crazy facts about cheese rolling. The Chinese believe that the rennet found inside the cheese roll is a key to healthy strong teeth. Because it contains bile, which is made up of cholesterol, this food also helps reduce the buildup of plaque in the arteries. If you want to test this out for yourself, simply take some cheese and roll it very well; then brush your teeth. If you find that your teeth are not as white as you remember them to be, then this may sound like an explanation for the whiteness of your smile.

La Tomatoes Tradition

Another crazy fact about food is that the La Tomatoes Tradition is considered to be the biggest food fight in the world. It is rumored that the legend behind the La Tomato Tradition was created when a peasant woman was complaining that her husband had left her and took off with another woman. She demanded that the man return to her and prove that he had indeed taken off with the woman. In order to prove his loyalty, the man supposedly threw a bowl of tomatoes on the woman’s table and left. The woman then went to tell her story to everyone who would listen, and La Tomato became the theme for the tradition.

Five Civilized Tribes

If you are looking for the craziest fact about China, then you must read about the Five Civilized Tribes. These tribes are the descendants of different ethnic groups that have lived in China for generations. Traditionally, these Chinese people did not eat meat. However, in modern times, they have embraced the western diet. According to the Chinese internet cafes, they are the happiest country in the world because they do not have to spend much money on eating. Their lifestyle has been saved because they eat meat and fish as their staple diet.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for crazy facts about China, you may want to hear about the Five Civilized Tribes and their long-lasting tradition. It may sound like a legend, but it is true. Today, this old custom continues to live on through the internet cafes in China. It is not uncommon for an online cafe in China to have a wife-carrying contest among its customers, and the winners get the best treatment at every event.

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