Book Review of The Nix Series by Doug Batchelor – A Summary of the Book’s Several Hints and Spoilers

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The Pug Who Came Back From Heaven by Doug Batchelor is a story of a Pug who came back from the dead. But instead of going back to heaven, he decides to get back at those who killed him. This book contains a great deal of action, and will keep you reading until the end. If you are a fan of fiction or non-fiction and have never heard of Pug, I would recommend this book.

It is set in 10th century England, so if you are familiar with English, you would understand what is taking place. There are historical figures in this book, and some of their biographies were very interesting to me. It was obvious that the writing was done by someone who really understands English, and that it took effort to put all these events into the text. In fact, I would have loved to have seen how they wrote this book.

The story revolves around a Pug who is a merchant’s apprentice, and is thrown off a ship into the ocean. He makes his way back to the ship on his own feet, and sets out to find those who tossed him overboard. Along the way, he encounters a giant octopus, a mermaid, and a few other sea creatures.

An Overview

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There is a monster in the background, and one of the characters, a woman, has a son. The sea creature turns out to be a mermaid princess, and the boy becomes a prince. All is well for a while, until the boy falls overboard. The princess manages to grab him and bring him back to shore, where his father awaits him, but he has vanished.

I would not say that the plot twists in this book were surprising, but they did surprise me. For instance, at one point, when one of the characters falls overboard, she sees a figure in the water. It turns out to be a mermaid who is after her. This turns out to be a very disturbing scene, one that I could not wait to read, knowing how it would be thrilling to see what happened to the poor girl.

Book Review of The Nix Series by Doug Batchelor

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However, the biggest twist in the novel happens towards the end, as the boy is sailing away from shore with the mermaid, whom he has just come to rescue. Suddenly, the mermaid has had enough and attempts to rape him. Unaware of his presence, the boy manages to run away, but not before she drags him into the water. Once there, she drags him underwater, and we begin to see that the mermaid has hypnotized him. She slowly takes over his body, and he soon falls asleep – whereupon she drains the entire ocean.

I have never heard of anything quite like The Nix Series by Doug Batchelor – but I will always hold the book in high regard. In fact, I first read it as a matter of curiosity, and quickly became obsessed with it. The story, for my money, is one of the best I have ever read. It has a gripping plot, and a number of memorable scenes. What really made the novel stand out, though, were the character’s reactions – both during the moments they were asleep and while they were awake. It was these moments that truly kept me reading, because they captured so much emotion.

In the end, I think that The Nix Series is a fine book, with an excellent plot and excellent characters. I especially like that the author, a former medical student, managed to make an interesting, and well thought out psychological thriller. As someone who has studied hypnosis, I can only hope that more people will pick up the series – if only to read about the strange mermaid and her quest to find out who is sleeping under the sea. Or, at the very least, to hear her voice.

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