Best 5 Weird Fact About Animals

Weird Fact About Animals

There is no denying as to how beautiful the world we live in is. From all the natural resources to its majestic inhabitants, we are indeed fortunate to be here.

Did you know that most animals have their quirks and peculiarities? Here are five of the best weird facts about animals that might not have been taught to us in school.

There are a lot of butterfly species that drink blood.


Sorry to break it to you; butterflies will happily feast on your blood given the opportunity. No, they will not attack you, but if they see a pool of blood, they will swarm and start feeding themselves off of it. It makes a lot of sense. Our blood is filled with vitamins and minerals that sustain living organisms. It is packed with salt and sugar, which are essential for a butterfly’s diet. Other than blood, they will happily sip your tears and sweat.

Axolotl can regenerate most of their body parts.

A small bird sitting on top of a hummingbird

Axolotl, or also known as zebrafish, has an exceptional power of regrowing lost body parts. Although regeneration is not new in the animal world, axolotls are the only known vertebrates to do that. What’s even more impressive is the fact that it can even regenerate its brain! This ability came from their quick stem cell response to any form of injury.

Colossal Squids can grow as big as a bus.

No, this is not an exaggeration. If anything, it’s an understatement. Colossal squids can even be longer than a regular school bus! The legend of the giant squid was unbelievable until an actual photograph is taken last 2004. The largest squid ever recorded is at 43 feet, but the unknown that lies within the deepest parts of the ocean opens up to the possibility of a larger one.

Turkeys can have babies without intercourse.

Now, talk about independence! In the absence of a male turkey, female turkeys can produce fertilized eggs that can turn into an embryo. However, studies show that baby turkeys that are products of asexual reproduction can be sickly and are mostly male.

Starlings can imitate sounds made by humans and birds.

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Parrots are not the only birds that can talk. Starlings can also imitate sounds made by humans, and they can even be better than parrots! Shocking, we know. Their copying abilities go as far as mimicking other birds. Naughty bird!

Eagles can strike you harder than a bullet from a rifle

As one of the predators of the natural world, eagles can hunt various prey such as rabbits to deer. Due to their powerful wings and sharp talons, they can hit you with double the force of getting shot at by a rifle shot.

Turkeys can lay eggs without having sex

Several turkey species can be asexual. This means that they can reproduce without mating with a fellow turkey. It only happens once females are far away from any male turkey. If they made eggs this way, it usually grows up as a sickly, male turkey.

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