8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You

8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You

Everybody knows Microsoft. Without the Redmond, Wash. organization, the universe would be a better place. Windows overwhelms the PC space, and barely any individuals—other than Apple fanboys—can envision school or work without the advantage of Microsoft Office applications. Established by then-understudies Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, the firm is presently the world’s biggest programming creator by income and the fourth-most important organization on Earth. Here are 8 things about the company that will surprise you!

8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You
8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You

Bill Gates Was Offered $15,000 Per Year At His Job

At the point when Gates was a Harvard green bean, his resume mentioned a beginning pay of just $15,000. The following year he quit school to help establish Microsoft. We’re thankful to him for that!

There Are Many Rabbits At Their Offices

At a certain point, somebody carried a few rabbits to Microsoft’s corporate grounds. One thing prompted another, and soon an enormous gathering of recreating bunnies was going out of control before workers caught them to be fixed.

Microsoft Headquarters Is Almost Like An Art Gallery

Microsoft sees fine art as a tool for reducing stress and anxiety in the working environment. The company believes that it expands a worker’s efficiency. Hence, more than 5000 art pieces can be found on the organization’s 150 grounds. A bit like an art museum!

The Startup Tune Was Only For 35,000 Dollars

Microsoft paid only $35,000 to artist Brian Eno to make the “Microsoft Sound,”. It was initially made as to the startup tune for Windows 95. Now, billions hear that tune every day!

Microsoft Is One Of The Top Patent Holders In The U.S.

With regard to licenses, Microsoft holds the absolute most. They are in the best five organizations for licenses, documenting around 3,000 every year and holding more than 10,000. Also, the majority of their licenses are programming related. Yet one was for Xbox 360 games that let players watch games remotely.

Pizza Is The Most Loved Snack At Microsoft grounds

Microsoft offers free refreshments and confections to its staff members. With many cafeterias, in excess of 35,000 individuals are served every day. Pizza is the top pick of nourishment. However, bistros have no lack of food or snack choices. Most have been patched up throughout the years to give a wide choice of nourishments – Italian, Mexican, Chinese. Further, there are a lot of solid, healthy alternatives too.

The Company Adores Sweets

There’s a motivation behind why Microsoft gives out free confections to its staff members: sweet is a piece of its in-house custom. Every representative needs to get a pound of M&Ms on their yearly commemoration. This implies if an individual works there for a long time, they get 10 pounds of M&Ms. It’s a fun convention and one that without a doubt exhibits individuals’ length of work.

8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You
8 Fun Things About Microsoft That Will Surprise You

A Greater Number Of Workers Are Male Than Female.

The male to female proportion is high at Microsoft. The organization is working harder to include more females. It detailed in 2014 that 29 percent of its representatives were female. Microsoft concedes that it has more work to do. However, their numbers are directly in accordance with comparable organizations like Google and Apple.

We all know that it is a tech company, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring! If anything, so far, it’s one of the more interesting companies ever.

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