5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year

5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving is no doubt the biggest event of the year. Admit it or not, whoever is hosting a Thanksgiving party is bound to lose his or her sanity. All the cooking, all the planning, all the organizing has to take the senses out of a person. So, to make sure that you have an organized and sane Thanksgiving this year, we have come up with the top 5 organizing tips! Get on board and have a happy Thanksgiving.

Plan The Thanksgiving Day Before Hand

5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year
5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year

You will need to take out a writing pad for this one. Sit down and plan what you are going to do that day. Make a list of the guests, the food, the drinks, and each and every small thing. It is even better if you plan out how you are going to decorate your home. That way you won’t have to stress about anything as the day closes in and you can have a stressfree Thanksgiving.

Divide The Responsibilities

Everyone loves food, but too much food can lead to an upset mood. So, this year eliminate the extra dishes. You can even divide the responsibilities among the guests. You can concentrate on the stuffing while your mother-in-law can bring the sweet potato pie. If your friend named a drink, give her the responsibility to buy the drinks for the day. It will help you concentrate better on what you are doing and even cut down tons of stress.

Concentrate On The Thanksgiving Basics First

You know which dishes your guests will be expecting. The usuals are – turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pie. It is better to make the first or cover them before moving on or planning any other dish. If you mess up with the basics, your guests won’t be satisfied with the extras. So play safe, and do the first things first.

Check Out The Preparations You Can Do Ahead Of Time

Cutting the vegetables, baking pies, bringing out the dishes and marinating the turkey – these are some of the things you can do a day before the big Thanksgiving day. So, don’t waste your time lying on your couch and stressing about the big day. Instead, get up on your feet and do the little things that will save you lots of time on Thanksgiving morning. You can even cook the dessert the day before and save it in the fridge. That will surely reduce a lot of stress from the main day.

Schedule The Timings For A Less Hectic Day

5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year
5 Tips For An Organized Thanksgiving This Year

This will make it easier to go through the whole day without getting puzzled. If you have guests staying over from the other night, you can make them some easy breakfast. Just because its Thanksgiving, you do not have to indulge yourself in some high-end breakfast too (you gotta save your energy for the dinner preparations!). Skip out lunch and serve your guests appetizers. They will love it and even have the space for stuffing all the delicious dinner. Start with the dinner at around 2-3 p.m and schedule the dessert and coffee time at 6 p.m. The gap in between will give your guests some rest and they can savor the delicious desserts peacefully.


Now that Thanksgiving is knocking on our door, make sure to keep these tips in mind. We are sure that following these tips will take away half the stress from your mind. Also, keep in mind not to do or plan anything that you think can put you in a lot of stress – that can ruin your day for both, you and your guests.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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