5 Strange Prisms – The Weird Prism Fact

weird prism fact

One of the most bizarre and yet coolest concepts I’ve ever heard about is the weird prism fact. According to this myth, people who can “see” theirs (colored images) are psychics. The only way for me to know this is from those psychics themselves. But if you don’t know what an aura is, it’s probably pretty hard to figure out where the term came from.

An Overview

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The aura is basically a color that your mind perceives. Your brain fills in the blanks with whatever colors are in your surroundings, and each person has a unique “aura.” These colors often include red, orange, yellow, and violet.

Now, some people do have a special aura, and it is very clear. There are people who can see ultraviolet rays, or who seem to glow at times. These people may not be psychic. However, they are able to give advice on how to improve their lives, and maybe even predict their futures.

Other people don’t even have an aura. For some reason, some people just see colors when other people are around. They may see these colors even while someone else is present, but they cannot see into the future. So, these people may not be psychic at all. Still, they can give great insights into other people, and even into the psychology of others. Sometimes, they can even see into the future.

Varied Figures

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Some people claim to see different colored figures. Some psychics claim to see ghosts. Still others see poltergeons. There are even some psychics who say that they see insects crawling around in the thoughts of other people! Now that’s really bizarre.

If all psychics could see all the colors of the rainbow, then everybody would be a psychic. However, this is simply not so. In fact, there are many shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and orange. Not to mention, there are so many different tints of light as well.

In fact, many psychics think that everything is made up of energy. Therefore, they can see all the colors of the rainbow. However, they cannot tell you what all those colors are. And, sometimes, they can’t even see into the future or into the past.

Some Conceptions

Some people believe that psychics read the tarot cards. This is true. It is even thought that some psychics read the contents of the dream language. Now, the fact is, all of this is just bunkum. There is no evidence that shows that any of these things actually exist.

There are many strange stories in the news from around the world about strange individuals who walk around with large, animal-like heads on their backs, walking on water, or talking to invisible people. However, these stories are often overblown and usually blown up far beyond their capabilities. Still, some of them may be true.

Some psychics say that they can predict the future. Yes, this is true. They can look at the future and determine when in history certain events will occur. In fact, many people say that they can foretell the weather. However, nobody can tell you when a rainstorm will be coming.

Other Weird Things

There are many other weird things that psychics claim to be able to do. Many of these have been around for centuries. The fact is, there are plenty of these things that psychics claim to be able to do, yet many times they cannot tell us. Sometimes, they might tell you something, but it is just a coincidence.

Another weird thing that psychics will do is talk to deceased people and ask them questions. Many of these people have never been told the truth about their life. For instance, you can find out many interesting things by asking people about their childhood. You will probably get many answers that are completely different than what most people think. Sometimes, the answers could even shock you.


Finally, you can learn about your own life from a weird psychic. How? You can sit down with a book and a pen and actually ask the psychic’s questions about your personal life. Chances are, you will receive an answer that completely surprises you.

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