5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution

5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution

We all know that the US Constitution exists. It provides a framework and tool to govern the country. A lot of you might have read about it in history class and maybe even memorized a few paragraphs! But it’s not all high and dry. There is a lot of history behind it and little-known facts behind it’s drafting. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the US Constitution – you might know some or none at all!

Interesting Facts About The US Constitution

5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution
5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution

It Is The Oldest Constitution In The World

The US Constitution was drafted in 1787. It is the oldest constitution in the world. Yes, even today! Furthermore, when the Constitution was being written, it was just four pages long and had only 4,400 words. Of course, there have been many alternations over the centuries. Currently, it has 7,762 words written in it, changes and all!

The Cost Of The Constitution Was 30 Dollars

Benjamin Franklin and George Washington are pretty familiar names when it came to writing the US Constitution. But what about the others? Two people – Jacob Shallus and Gouverneur Morris I were also important to drafting the Constitution. Morris drafted the Preamble of the Consitution as we know today. Moreover, he wrote most of the Preamble, with some help from others. Jacob Shallus was responsible for doing the actual writing of the Constitution – the one who actually sat down and put pen to paper. He was an assistant clerk of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania. The Founding Fathers paid him 30 dollars or 900 dollars in today’s time!

The President Was Almost Called “His Mightiness”: Interesting Facts

The US Constitution doesn’t exactly specify how the leader of the country is addressed. In fact, there was quite some confusion about that. President George Washington was introduced in 1789. Thus, the Senate then tried to think of a couple of titles that they thought they should call the leader. Several alternatives were recommended. These included His Elective Majesty, His Highness, and even His Mightiness!

It Wasn’t The Greatest Fun Writing It

It was the summer of 1787 in Philadelphia and it was extremely humid. The founding founders of the Constitution sat down inside Independence hall to draft it. However, they were afraid that people would eavesdrop or try to break in. For that reason, they gave orders shut all windows, doors or any kind of crevice. Many delegates also wore woolen clothes since they were from outside Philadelphia and did not have any other clothes. It wouldn’t have been very fun writing the Constitution while sweating and smelling at the same time!

5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution
5 Interesting Facts About The US Constitution

There Have Been Weird Reasons For Using The 25th Amendment: Interesting Facts

The President can give his powers temporarily to the Vice-President with Section 3 of this amendment. Of course, this is in case the President is simply not able to exercise his powers due to some reason – mostly medical. The amendment has been used thrice and all for colon treatment reasons!

The US Constitution has inspired many other Constitutions around the globe as well. It is one of the oldest constitutions and has set a base for so many constitutions for other countries!

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