5 Fun Facts About Snakes That Are True

fun fact about snakes

There are a lot of fun facts about snakes. They can be fascinating, exciting, even scary. And all that comes from the fact that they aren’t actually venomous reptiles; though, they have venomous bites that can cause pain and swelling. Snakes are actually lizards. It’s not a misnomer.

But there is one fun fact about snakes that everybody knows. They are related to aquatic frogs and to several types of fish such as perch and rainbow trout. It’s actually pretty astonishing that snakes are so closely related to aquatic frogs. Because they usually live in water, they must constantly use their tail to propel themselves. This is how they keep from sinking.

Fun Fact About Snakes Is

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Their tail is made out of skin, which is covered with scales. Snakes have eight legs, and although there are a few different types of snakes that do have only four legs, these are the most common ones. Snakes generally don’t have wings, but they do resemble bats in that they have small wings for flying. Sometimes they even carry eggs on their backs. All in all, they’re not very birdlike.

As for the interesting fact about snakes, their coloration is unique. Some are smooth, some are patterned, and some are fluorescent or reddish colored. And because of the way the body is set on the tail, a snake can change its appearance quite rapidly. For example, a newly hatched leopard gecko will look more or less like a baby leopard gecko.

Many people are surprised to learn that snakes aren’t amphibians. Unlike amphibians like fish and amphibians, snakes cannot survive in water. Although they may breathe atmospheric air like many other reptiles, snakes must remain below the water’s surface at all times.

Snacks Do Not Have Toes But They Do Have Fingers

The last fun fact about snakes is probably the least surprising one. They do not have toes, but they do have fingers. Snakes have two digits on each of their feet, with the thumb and first finger being their most flexible. They use those two fingers to grasp prey, to climb, and to press against their bodies when defensive.

There are many interesting, and entertaining, facts about snakes out there. You can spend many enjoyable hours reading up about them and the fascinating creatures that live in our midst. You can also spend some time studying them in the pet store or going to your local zoo. Both are sure to fascinate you. After all, snakes are fascinating to say the least.

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Slugs Are Not Venomous

Fact number one: Slugs are not venomous. They do not inject toxins through their bodies. Snakes do not have venom injected in their bodies either. Many people think they do, but it is false.

The second fun fact about snakes is that they are not picky eaters. They will eat just about anything. Some people believe that snakes are venomous because they feed on other animals, but the truth is that snakes eat just about everything: insects, invertebrates, carrion, small animals, and even mice and birds.

The third fact is not as cut and dried as the other two. Yes, snakes do bite. But humans and other predators do too. So, you might not want to take a snake to the vet for a bit of cleaning up, although it wouldn’t hurt if you did. You should also keep a hand or arm near you at all times so that you can call animal control if needed.

Summing Up

The fourth fact may seem a bit strange, but it’s true. Because most snakes are poisonous, there is no reason to kill them. In fact, many people prefer to leave snakes alone. It is actually safer than trying to put one down.

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