4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You

4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You

Las Vegas is where the ultimate party destination lies. There’s gambling, drinking, food and lots of money involved.

Here are 4 crazy random facts about Vegas that will shock you!

Random Facts About Las Vegas

4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You
4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You

You Can’t Actually Hire Prostitutes In Las Vegas

Television, movies and popular culture have sure made it seem like Las Vegas is the hub of prostitution and that too legally. Further, it has been quite hyped up. However, as true as it may seem, prostitution is completely illegal in Vegas. Yes, punishable by law! It is true that hiring them might be quite common, but it is done under covers and hidden from the watchful eye of the authorities. Who would have thought?

Betty Willis Designed The Las Vegas Sign For Free

Designer Betty Willis did not charge a single penny for making the famed Las Vegas sign. In fact, she donated the logo to the city. She never patented that logo. And ever since her generous donation became famous, merchandise is being sold in millions every year and Betty Willis gets no royalty from the sales. But then again, it was her choice. All we know is had she taken ownership of that logo, she would have been a millionaire easily by now.

Roughly 150,000 Hotel Rooms Are There In Vegas: Random Facts

That’s triple the number of rooms San Francisco has! Most of the biggest hotels in the world are present in Las Vegas – 19 of them and 6 lesser-known ones. Two of the biggest hotels in Vegas have the most number of rooms. Moreover, the population of Las Vegas is about 650,000 and that is permanent residents alone. There are more who come every day and most of them are tourists. Some people stay for months at a time, further increasing the population!

Vegas Is One Of The Top Wedding Destinations In The Country

Yes, again, we know you have seen Vegas wedding mostly in movies. But it actually does happen in real life and that too, a lot! Believe it or not, you can have a traditional wedding in Vegas. Over 500 couples get married every single day and that’s just a round figure estimate. It’s also the most popular destination for themed and celebrity weddings. Didn’t think that, did you? In fact, if you want a budget wedding, Vegas is the place to be. It just requires any ID proof – even a driver’s license – and 55 dollars to obtain the marriage license. It only takes about half an hour to 20 minutes to get the marriage license. And voila! You’re married – hopefully happily!

4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You
4 Crazy Random Facts About Las Vegas To Shock You

Nuclear Tests Were Done A Little Away From Vegas

In the 50s, nuclear bombs were pretty much in fashion. Many of the bomb testings were done in Nevada. The testing areas were only 50 miles from Las Vegas. They were so close that people could actually see the clouds created by the bomb testing from 50 miles away! However, most people had no idea that they were nuclear bomb tests. Many of them put them away as giant firework displays and thought the leftover smoke was because of those fireworks.

Las Vegas may seem pretty harmless and it mostly is. But it holds a lot more history than you think!

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