10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering

10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering

The United States of America is a big country and it has many unknown facts about it. These facts are so bizarre that even the Americans might wonder why were they unaware of it. But, don’t worry. In this write-up, we have featured some of the most random facts that will set your mind on a spin.

Who Actually Designed The American Flag?

The credits for the American flag is given to Betsy Ross. It is believed that it was she who designed those 13 stars on the flag. But the underlying truth is that a 17-year old kid designed a 50 stars flag for his history project. Bob Heft, the 17-year old managed to pass the design from the White House itself and received an ‘A’ on the project.

The Facts About The Great Lakes Ain’t Random At All

The Lakes Superior, Huron, Michigan, and Ontario are collectively known as the Great Lakes. These lakes make up 21% of the world’s total water. In fact, Lake Superior, the largest of the four, has enough water to cover the whole of North and South America.

10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering
10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering

Thanksgiving Is More Huge Than You Know

Thanksgiving is the greatest family affair in America. It also turns out that many American families have been following this tradition for as long as almost 350 years! The first Thanksgiving dinner was organized in the year 1621 by the descendants of the 102 pilgrims who were survivors of the Mayflower to New York journey in 1620.

America Is Home To The Oldest Rivers

Out of the five oldest rivers in the world, three rivers make their way through the United States of America. These rivers are thought to be around 325 million years old.

One Random Fact About Alaska

The coastline of Alaska is so huge that even the combined coastline of the remaining forty-nine states couldn’t sum up to it! Also, Alaska is 429 times the size of Rhode Island, which is the smallest American state.

America Is All About A Zippy Affair

Guess how many zip codes the USA has? A humongous forty-two thousand. Now the random fact here is that you can look up all zip codes, but one. That special zip code belongs to the President. The U.S. government makes a special zip code for each President to make sure that the family receives their mails and couriers properly.

A Huge Crater: Random Facts

Crater Lake in Oregon is the first deepest lake in the country. If we had to measure its depth in something other than numerics, we can say that it is deep enough to fit six Statue of Liberty combined.

Santa-Claus Is A Also A Town!

America has a town named Santa Claus! The ancient town is rooted in Turkey, but now you can find towns with the same name in Indiana, Arizona, and even Georgia.

10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering
10 Random Facts About America That Will Leave You Wondering

America Has A Busy Sky: Random Facts

America has over 9,800 airplanes in the whole country. So, if you ever spot a pair of wings up above in the sky, there are chances that it might be mechanical and not natural. The Americans are so busy that we might even get to hear someday that there was a traffic jam in the sky!

The Failed Code Of The Flag

It has been strictly written in the U.S. Flag Code that the flag cannot be used as a piece of dressing. But sadly, the citizens highly deny it on the 4th of July. We can see the flags in people’s t-shirts, swimwear, hats and sometimes even in sandals! It is disrespectful and a straightforward denial of the code.

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