10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known

10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known

America is a country where a large number of native citizens are unaware of the common facts about their own country. But, if you think you know more about America than anyone else, you are probably smarter than the rest. In this write-up, we have combined together some of the lesser-known fun facts about America. Stay hooked to learn more.

Fun Facts About America

The USA Does Not Have Any Official Language

Unlike most other countries, the USA does not have any language which has been marked by the state as ‘official.’ A huge portion of the population speaks English, while many of them speak Spanish. You might even find a community communicating in some other language among themselves.

McDonald’s Has Employed The Maximum Number Of People In The US

10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known
10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known

One in eight people in the US has worked in McDonald’s once in their lifetime. So, besides being the biggest fast-food chain, the company is also the biggest employer chain in the country.

Fun Facts About Arizona And Hawaii

Many of the farmers in America are opposed to the daylight savings time. This daylight savings time practice had started in America during World War II by the German Empire. Despite all protests, Arizona and Hawaii are the two states who still rigidly follow this process.

Montana Has More Cows Than Humans

You must be thinking that we’ve gone crazy. But it is a well-established fact that Montana has a greater number of cows than humans. According to studies, Montana has around 2.6 million cows while only 1 million people living in the place.

College Sports Are Extremely Common In The US: Fun Facts

People who do not live in the US must have seen in the movies or TV series that everyone is extremely excited about college sports. Well, its not just in the movies. The USA people are actually very interested in college sports. Even parents encourage their children to be sporty and take an interest in various sport activities.

40% Of The US Moms Are Unmarried

In the 1940s, the percentage of single mothers was around 3.8%. It rose to 10% in 1969. But the present-day hosts 40% of women who are unmarried and are stealing the show as single mothers.

Fun Facts: America Is Filled With Obese People

10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known
10 Fun Facts About America That You Never Would Have Known

Many studies have stated that around 33.33% of Americans are obese. That is not funny. But, if you ask them about their underlying cause of obesity, you won’t find one or two specific answers. There are multiple causes of obesity and everyone seems to have a different cause than the previous person you asked.

American Children Can Smoke

Any child can smoke if he wishes to, but that is not right and not legal in any other state but America. The government has legally given all the rights to children and they are free to smoke. Did the world have any less health problems that now children will be smoking too?

Most Of The American Presidents Are Virginian By Birth

Four of the first five American presidents were born in America. Whatever might be the reason, it is funnily spooky!

Kansas Is The Highest Wheat Producer In The World

Kansas city produces so much wheat so as to feed all the people across the globe for two weeks! The city proves how important farming and farmers are. Besides, it also shows how BIG the city is!

Now that you know all the ten fun facts about America, we are sure that you have much more knowledge than any other American has about their own country!

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